Friday May 25, 2018




An overview


Many years ago a gravel pit was established along Olifant Drive to provide decomposed granite for road building. This resultant excavation was left in a neglected and unsightly state. In 2010 Fenja te Horst, a founding member of Marlothii Conservancy initiated a project to rehabilitate this dormant depression in the open veldt


With permission of the Nkomazi Municipality a water hole for the benefit of Marloth Park game and birds was established. Fed by run-off rain water and suplemented by a donated borehole, a constant level is maintained to establish a water surface area of approximately 1700m2. Two small islands were also established to draw water birds to the area. It also serves as a drinking point for game in the area.


Recently, moves have been made to upgrade the facility. Viewing benches have been placed at strategic points. The next proposed project is the prevention of erosion by laying stone barriers in the run off gullies to slow water flow. The planting of indigenous flora is also planned.


How can you help!


  •   Make donations for the purchase of electricity to run the borehole.

  •  Join the work party activities on the 3rd Monday of each month – 06:30 to 08:30.

  •  Donate indigenous trees and plants to plant for the aesthetic improvement of the area.


Together let's make Gruispan the 'sunset dam' of Marloth Park.



CONTACT: Stuart Long – 084 303 5589

Errol Potgieter – 083 491 9326


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