Saturday February 24, 2018

Chairman's Report 2017



Having been chairperson for the past year it has been a year full of challenges and surprises.

We have lost a few members, with the sad passing of Dev Farquharson and Dirk Benade who passed away suddenly.  Some members resigned but we also gained a number of new members since the AGM of 2016.


Gruispan borehole was busy drying up due to the draught.  It was decided to drop the borehole pump deeper for there were 2 metres of extra cable.   Unfortunately this didn’t work.   Stuart Long was contacted by Mr JAP Nel with the good news that Donald MacLellan of Manti/Lashibihile drilling offered to drill a new borehole at Gruispan free of charge.   This borehole is now in operation together with the old borehole.


The Culling programme went off well. 

Marlothii Conservancy decided to identify and plot some trees along Olifants road for tree tagging and will be completed soon.


During the drought an animal feeding initiative was launched.  A farmer in the area donated sweet potatoes which assisted in feeding the Animals.  The estimated value of the sweet potatoes was in the region of R100 000-00.


A Marlothii Conservancy member (Rosaleen Collyn) contacted Caring Daisies who donated R20 000-00 worth of game pellets which was offered to homeowners for a

R100-00 donation which was then used to purchase more pellets.


Mbombela Municipality hosted a talk on alien and invasive plants which was attended by Conservancy members.


Keith Knorr’s monthly walk, talk and birding was held during the year and people who attended and found the talks very interesting.  Keith also presented day long talks during the past year.


The Rhinos in Lionspruit are doing well, after 2 died and the remaining 2 were fed from donations received from “Boere in Nood”.  The Buffaloes were decimated by the lions with only 2 left from 80.  There is a plan to bring in a bull.


Our Web site is up and running thanks to Thea and her perseverance.

Facebook is also running and all events and photos are posted regularly.


To Geoff thank you for your help in fixing up and beautifying Two Trees and Stuart and Errol for helping to keep the water level at Gruispan constant.  Errol for his idea and making of the stompie bins. 


Stuart Long and Errol Potgieter, have been working with the Honorary Rangers and Wildlife fund to eradicate alien vegetation.  Thank you for your input there. 


Thea, Geoff and Keith, for identifying trees for a tree trail.    Thank you for your time.  Marilyn Dowie for her hard work in keeping the books up to date.  Dot Knorr for keeping our membership list up and money matters in order.  Unfortunately Dot has resigned and will be sorely missed. 

Sanet for doing the minutes and helping with other matters.


Marlothii Conservancy is in partnership with MPPOA., Hon. Rangers, Wildlife Fund as well as the Nkomazi Municipality called the “Marloth Forum” where matters around Marloth Park is discussed and planned.


Ralf Kalwa did a second assessment of our veld during March.


I would in general like to thank all the Committee members, one and all for the work put in to make and build up Marlothii Conservancy to what it is today.  We can only achieve success if we all work together and I must say you guys did just that. Thank you.


To all our sponsors, Marlothi Shopping Centre, J. Oosthuizen for donating monthly for electricity for running the pump at Gruispan, Mr Loretz for wire, and anonymous donors for donating money, and P & E welded mesh for use at 2 trees, and then our members who paid their subs so we were able to tackle projects and do odd jobs around Marloth to try and make it a pleasure to visit, I thank you all.




25th MAY 2017

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