Saturday March 24, 2018

Chairman's Report 2014

Marlothii Conservancy Annual General Meeting

For the year ended February 2014

Henk van Rooyen Boardroom


Chairmans Report


All stewards have to report on their stewardship for his period of service normally favourable and progressive towards their organisation.

It is with sorrowful hearts we record the passing of Barbara Long, a wonderful friend and great help in Flora matters.  Rest in Peace.

This time also saw two leaders in “Ornithology” move away. Firstly Tony Newey into frail care in Nelspruit and then Rob Melville to Natal: we miss them greatly.

For their service and dedication to our conservation movement Fenja ter Horst for secretarial and project proposals/ identity needs, Gruispan now a water feature  and the Vulture initiative still to get off the ground. Joce Gordon always ready and willing, selecting grass seed, packaging it with the help of Geoff and supplying to Marloth outlets. As well as  publications on noxious and invasive weeds.  Recomending plants   for beauty and food to insects butterflies and animals. Jan Martin for financial records, we remain indebted to you. Thank you.

Financially when we needed support Messers Oosthuizen, Hagen, Marlothi Wildlife, Marlothi Shopping Centre have been there, plus The Christy Organization (Komati Spar) who helped with products and TSB with Machinery. Thank you to you all.

The link to share the podium with Marloth Park Honorary Rangers was not a good move if anything it has had a negative effect, we will still support Honorary Rangers where applicable.

Having a stand at Honorary Rangers winter fair has been successful, The White Elephant Stall is a good example, plants, grass seed and publications being on site did sell, best said the presence of friendly informed representatives did a great service answering the residents questions.

The good rains of both 2012/2013 raised the Gruispan water level, many periods we did not have to use the borehole pump to lift the water level, better still the bentonite and silt have filled rock fissures, fish are present, reeds and water lilies harvested planted giving shelter to the fish, also good sightings of giraffe, kudu, impala, baboons, python and crocodile are regular and spotted hyena has been sighted at the water.

Christmas Fair at the Bush Centre gave us exposure, thanks to Grand Kruger Lodge giving us a fund raiser to promote their Spa.

Thank you to Keith Knorr for representing Conservancy at the “Working for Water” Symposium in Grahanstown and bringing back suggestion to control the parthenium weed.

Education by lecturers started with Keith Knorr presenting the Tree Identification course well supported, more to follow, bugs, beetles, spiders, members requests welcome.

The address on “Birds of Prey” presented by Andre Botha hosted at Grand Kruger Lodge proved very interesting and was well supported.

“Prey Animals” as well as “Bats” still to follow.

KNP/Sanparks decision to raise orphaned rhino calves and farm them out to care centres in Hoedspruit and Barberton should be a project  we could support. Who knows we may be successful in having them donate a calf our way for “Lionspruit”.

We have received cooperation and support and given advice to the Municipal rangers, Mpta, Jasper Aitchison and  Mppoa. The Marloth Park conservation officer has not been easily contacted but when met has been supportive and positive to our endeavours.

Website – We have our own website thanks to Andrew Hudson and Dianne van Rensburg’s hard work. See “”. Articles and occurances  always welcome, also photographs, especially if taken in Marloth Park or Lionspruit.

Membership is “our core” so the new committee will have to address and resurrect, stimulate dormant members.

Badge identity/clothing will be addressed.

How about having a fee for Bird Walks, members free?

Bird Walks have been conducted on a weekly basis – Saturday mornings 06.00hrs in summer and 07.00hrs in winter. Thanks to the dedicated helpers, we enjoy a steady support from absent residents when present in Marloth Park as well as visitors from Needles Lodge, Royal Kruger Lodge and Ngwenya Lodge.


Thank you all for your support and personal messages and prayers.



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