Friday May 25, 2018

AGM Minutes 2017

Marlothii Conservancy

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held on Tuesday 25th April 2017

in the Boardroom at Henk van Rooyen Park, Marloth Park


Present:        D. Bruins-Lich                                                           Chairperson

                       S. Bruins-Lich                                                           Temp. Secretary/PRO

                       M. Dowie                                                                   Treasurer

                       G. Sander                                                                  Committee Member

                       T.  Sander                                                                  Committee Member

                       A. Hunter                                                                    Property Owner

                       M. Hunter                                                                   Property Owner

                       L. Benade                                                                  Property Owner

                       Keith Knorr                                                                Committee Member

                       Dot Knorr                                                                   Committee Member

                       Stuart Long                                                               Vice Chairman

                       Alf Felgate                                                                 Property Owner

                       Errol Potgieter                                                          Committee Member


Apologies:    Jeanette Newey                                                     Property Owner

                        Esther Caripis                                                       Property Owner


The Chairman welcomed all present in attendance with a special welcome to Mike & Angie Hunter.

The Chairman opened the meeting with a prayer.


1.          Acceptance of the minutes of the meeting held on 26th April 2016.

Thea Sander proposed that the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 26th April 2016, be accepted as a true reflection of the proceedings with no amendments.

             Marilyn Dowie seconded the proposal.


2.          Chairman’s Report.

             The Chairman tabled his report for the year 2016/2017.

             The Chairman read his report to the meeting.

             The members accepted the Chairman’s report.


3.          Annual Financial Statements.

             Marilyn Dowie noted that the financials were up to date, but unfortunately Mr. Peter Hocknell

who auditsour books had been ill for a while and is now on holiday.  The financials will be handed to Mr. Hocknell as soon as he returns, and hopefully the Annual Statements will be ready at our next monthly meeting in May 2017.


4.          As there were only one new nomination no election was necessary.  Mr Mike Hunter accepted

             the nomination to the committee.  Mr Hunter introduced himself to the meeting.


             The Committee are as follows:

             Derrick Bruins-Lich                              -              Chairperson

             Geoff Sander                                        -              Vice Chairman

             Marilyn Dowie                                      -              Treasurer

             Sanet Bruins-Lich                                 -              Temp. Secretary/PRO/Membership

             Thea Sander                                          -              Entertainment/Various Projects/Website

             Stuart Long                                            -              Alien Plants/Gruispan/Special Projects

             Errol Potgieter                                      -              Alien Plant/Gruispan/Special Projects

             Keith Knorr                                            -              Educational Courses/Walks and Talks

             Mike Hunter                                          -              Entertainment/Special Projects.


5.         Frequency of General Meetings.

             General meetings will continue to be held on the Tuesday BEFORE the MPPOA meeting.


The Chairman said that a Committee is a group effort.   Derrick thanked the outgoing Committee for their efforts during the past year. 

Dot Knorr has resigned and was thanked for her effort and time she put in for Marlothii Conservancy and wished the best for her future.


There being no further items to consider the Chairman thanked the members for attending and closed the meeting at 09h45.


The next monthly meeting will take place 23rd May 2017.





CHAIRPERSON : _______________________________   DATE: _______________________




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