Friday May 25, 2018

AGM 2014

Minutes of the Marlothii Conservancy Annual General Meeting held in the Boardroom, Henk van Rooyen Park, on 5th April 2014 at 10h25.


Present:                                      Mr. J. Martin                                                      Chairman

Mr. A. Felgate                                                   Vice Chairman

                                                     Mr. J. Ter Horst

                                                     Mrs. F. Ter Horst

                                                     Mr. S. Long

                                                     Mr. K. Knorr

                                                     Mrs. D. Knorr

                                                     Mrs. D. Farquharson

                                                     Mr. J. van Rensburg

                                                     Mrs. D. van Rensburg

                                                    Dr. A. Hudson

                                                    Mr. M. Young

                                                    Mrs. D. Young

                                                    Mrs. C. Felgate                                                  Minutes

The Chairman welcomed all present and thanked the various people who assisted with Marlothii Conservancy matters during the previous year. 

1.        Chairman’s Report.

The Chairman read part of his report to the meeting.  He however became indisposed and the Vice Chairman read the remainder of the report.

Mrs. Ter Horst proposed that the Chairman’s report be accepted.  Mrs. Farquharson seconded the motion.

2.        Financial Statement.

The Vice Chairman read the provisional financial statement to the meeting.  Mrs. Ter Horst proposed that the provisional financial statement be accepted, pending the audit.  Mrs. Farquharson seconded the motion.

Membership remains poor and it should be every existing member’s ambition to recruit at least one new member.  Membership forms should be available at every opportunity, i.e. fairs, etc.

3.        Election of Office Bearers.


The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously:


Mr. J. Martin                              Chairman

Mr. A. Felgate                           Vice Chairman

Mrs. J. Martin                            Treasurer

Mr. S. Long                                Committee Member

Mrs. D. Farquharson               Committee Member

Dr. A. Hudson                           Committee Member (Website)

        Mrs. D. van Rensburg             Committee Member (Website)

Mrs. D. Knorr                             Committee Member (Membership)

Mrs. C. Felgate                         Secretary

The Committee may co-opt people to the Committee when the need arises.  Mr. Knorr indicated that he is willing to assist where possible.

4.        Frequency of Committee Meetings.

After a brief discussion it was resolved that committee meetings will take place once a month on the second Tuesday of the month at 09h00 in the Boardroom, Henk van Rooyen Park.  Should the venue not be available, an alternative venue will be arranged.

NEXT MEETING:  13th May 2014 at 09h00. 

The Vice Chairman thanked all present for attending.  There being no further items for consideration, the meeting concluded at 11h00.

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