Friday May 25, 2018






                                                Derrick Bruins-lich – Chairman

                                                Geoff Sander – Vice Chairman

                                                Jackie Flanagan – Secretary

                                                Sanet Bruins-lich – PRO and Membership

                                                Stuart Long – Gruispan

                                                Errol Potgieter – Special Projects

                                                Keith Knorr – Walks, Talks and Birding

                                                Noel Flanagan – Member

                                                Linda Benade - Member

                                                Dot Knorr – Member

                                                Alf Felgate – Member

                                                Nolan Spratt – Member

                                                Sarah Spratt – Member

                                                Nigel Hawley – Member

                                                Christine Hawley - Member

1.        WELCOME:


            Derrick welcomed all to the meeting and opened the Meeting in prayer.


2.          APOLOGIES:


Marilyn Dowie

Thea Sander

Mike Hunter

Angie Hunter

Terry Ramsay

Trudy Ramsay

Jeanette Newey





3.1         Corrections:  Nil

3.2         Approval of Minutes:  The Minutes were approved by Sanet Bruins-lich and seconded by             Nigel Hawley.







5.                  FINANCIAL REPORT:


Sanet Bruins-lich reported that the financial report was up to date.  Sanet would try and get a better interest rate for Conservancy’s investment.

R2580 was received from Marlothii Shopping Centre for posters which they will re-sell.  The cost of the posters was about R1900.00


6.            MEMBERSHIP LIST:


 Sanet is busy working on a new membership list and has started a new file on present members.  The exact paid up  membership figures will be reported at next month’s meeting.  They stand at approximately 80+.




Derrick informed the Meeting that the fencing around the experimental area on the Corner of Volstruis and Crocodile/Moddervis Roads needs to be removed as the animals are running into the fence and are being harmed.  Labourers will be employed to assist in the removal of the fence but this still needs to be confirmed with Alfas.

Dot Knorr asked if the fencing could be used again to which Derrick replied in the affirmative.  Alfas to be approached to have the fencing stored at the Depot.


8.           REPORT BACK ON NATURE WALK – 19 AUGUST 2017:


Keith Knorr reported that 22 had attended the walk in spite of the weather not being good. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the walk.  Keith mentioned that it was easier to talk on trees during the morning walks than to hold a Tree Talk at Jabula.  Should everyone learn 2 – 3 trees a month then they should know at least 30 trees by the end of the year.


The next walk will take place on 16 September 2017 at 06h00 at Henk van Rooyen Park.


9.           GENERAL:


              9.1         Derrick enquired from Stuart Long whether he had received the name tags.  Stuart

replied that he would be collecting them the weekend after next.  Keith suggested that another

6 car decals be ordered and then collected from Nelspruit.


9.2        Gruispan – Stuart reported that there are 298 electricity units and that the dam is maintaining a good level. The smaller trees at Gruispan are presently being watered by hand.  Some of the Committee Members will meet at Gruispan after the meeting to discuss the practicality of laying a pipeline to water the trees.


9.3         Errol Potgieter advised that there are about 5 – 6 asbestos pipes that can be utilised for cigarette stompies.  He asked members to donate their empty tins to be used for the stompies.  These must not be too large – typically those that are used for pineapple rings.  The structures will be erected in the meantime.



9.4        Sanet informed the meeting that she had received a message on her phone to the effect that 3 suspected rhino poachers had been arrested and handed over to SAPS in Komatipoort.  This was a combined operation which included Securicon from Marloth Park.  Congratulations extended to Securicon for their assistance in this very valuable operation.


9.5      Animal Take-Off:  There has been no Forum Meeting to discuss the take-off.  Mauricedale Abattoir has been closed down but news on the interdict should be forthcoming today.  Geoff Sander mentioned that “Report Back from The Forum Meeting” should be a permanent item on the Agenda.  This was noted by the Secretary.


9.6      Stuart enquired whether we were still trying to market our sickle bush business or whether that had come to a close.  Derrick suggested that he, Stuart, Errol, Geoff and Terry use the chainsaw in rotation in order to ease the burden.  A notice to be placed on Facebook to the effect that anyone wanting sickle bush to be cut down to contact Conservancy.


9.7      Alien Plants:  Stuart and Errol are to start up again to remove Queen of the Night.  Geoff will take Stuart and Errol to the place where he had seen a very large Queen of the Night close to Erdvark.  Sisal plants can be eradicated by pulling out the centre and poisoning the plant or by pulling out the large ones with a rope and bakkie.


9.8      Alf Felgate mentioned that most of the stands were overgrown with trees and that, because most of our animals belong in the savannah, that a campaign be started to deforest and open up the stands.  After further discussions, Derrick asked Alf to submit a written report on his thoughts to the Committee.


9.9      Nigel Hawley extended his thanks to the Conservancy for all their efforts in conserving the fauna and flora of Marloth Park.


9.10    Further discussions ensued re the interdict against the culling.  The consensus of opinion was that the various organisations need to stand together behind MPPOA in their fight to ensure that the culling does indeed take place and according to the ecological report of Ralf Kalwa.


9.11     Sanet had just received a message that another giraffe had to be euthanised.  It had been hit by a bakkie towing a caravan on the corner of Olifant and Eagle. A permanent traffic officer in Marloth would be advantageous to implement speed controls.




The next Meeting will take place on 26 September 2017 in the Boardroom of Henk van Rooyen at 09h00.

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