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Minutes of the Meeting held at 09.00 on Tuesday, 20th June 2017, in the Boardroom at Henk van Rooyen Park, Marloth Park

Present:          Derrick Bruins-Lich           Chairman

                        Geoff Sander                        Vice Chairman

                        Sanet Bruins-Lich                Temp. Secretary, Facebook

                                                                        and PRO

                        Keith Knorr                            Walks, Talks and Birding

                        Mike Hunter                          Special Projects

                        Errol Potgieter                      Special Projects

                        Marilyn Dowie                      Finances

                        Stuart Long                           Gruispan

                        Dot Knorr                               Member

                        Thea Sander                         Member

                        Duifie v.d. Merwe                  Member

                        Phillip v.d. Merwe                 Member

                        Terry Ramsey                        Member

                        Trudy Ramsey                       Member

                        Mel Fennell                            Member

                        Angie Hunter                         Member

        Alf Felgate                              Member

                        Noel Flanagan

                        Jackie Flanagan

                        Dot McFarlane


1.      Welcome:

 The Chairman welcomed all present and opened the meeting with a prayer.

 The Chairman noted that Thea Sander resigned from the Committee, but will be available to

 Help with projects.


2.    Apologies. Jeanette, Mike and Elroux Norton


3.    Minutes of the previous meeting held on 23rd May 2017.

3.1    Matters arising out of Minutes of 23rd May 2017.

3.2    Amendments to the minutes of 23rd May 2017

         3.3    Acceptance of the minutes held on 23rd May 2017: Proposed:  by Mike Hunter and

                  Seconded by Thea Sander.


4.    Finance.

         4.1    Marilyn Dowie noted that the Finances were up to date.  No problems experienced.


5.    Membership.

       Membership is good and will pick up at the H.R. Fair again.


6.    Alien Plants.

       Errol Potgieter mentioned that the Potato plant with blue flowers and red berries are easy

       identifiable and now is the time to remove.


7.   Gruispan.

       Gruispan is being monitored by Stuart Long and water levels kept constant.  Water samples will

      be taken and delivered to Nelspruit for testing.


8.    Two Trees Parking Area.

       Geoff Sander mentioned that the trees are looking good and they get watered regularly by Geoff



9.    Grass Seed.

       No sales since the last meeting.  Derrick confirmed that there was still one bag of grass

       seed available and needed to be packed before the fair on the 8th July 2017.  A work party will

       get together to pack some more seed.


10.  Report back on Nature walks.

       The nature walk on the 17th June 2017 was well attended.  14 people attended.  Interesting items

       occur even though it is winter time.


 11. General.

       11.1     Tree Tags.

                    Marlothii Conservancy are putting up tree tags on trees that were identified by our team.

                    It should be up before the school holidays at the 30th June 2017.  Terry Ramsey suggested

                    that more holes be made in the tree tag.


       11.2     Plant Removal.

                   Geoff Sander mentioned that plants are being removed from Marloth Park.  It is absolutely

                    illegal to remove any plants or wood out of Marloth Park as we are a Registered

                    Conservancy.  A permit to remove plants out of Marloth is required.


       11.3      Water samples.

                    Water samples will be taken at Croc dam for testing in Nelspruit.  It seems that Croc

                     Dam has very little life ecologically.


       11.4      Facebook and Webpage

                    Thea Sander stated that the Facebook and Webpage are being kept up to date with information.


       11.5      Honorary Rangers fair.

                    The Fair takes place on the 8th July 2017.  Derrick mentioned that Conservancy does not

                    draw up a working roster.  Member are welcome to come and help at any time during

                    the day.


       11.6      Geoff Sander was thanked for the box that he has constructed to be used at the Fair.


       11.7      Pellets for the animals

                    Geoff Sander enquired when pellets will be collected at Alzu in Nelspruit for the animals.

                    It was mentioned that pellets will be collected later when there is no more natural food

                    Available for the animals.


        11.8     Ostriches

                    Mel Fennell mentioned that two ostriches at two trees are attacking people walking and

                    it has become very dangerous for people walking or relaxing there.  It was discussed and

                    decided that Conservancy will put up notices advising people to be carefull and alert.


The Committee was requested to stay behind to discuss the co-opting of Mrs. Jackie Flanagan onto the

Committee as Secretary for Conservancy.

The meeting closed at 09h55.

The next meeting will take place on 25th July 2017 at 09H00 at Henk van Rooyen.

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