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 Marlothii Conservancy

Minutes of the Meeting held at 09.00 on Tuesday, 21st FEBRUARY 2017, in the Boardroom at Henk van Rooyen Park, Marloth Park



Derrick Bruins-Lich

Stuart Long



Vice Chairman


Sanet Bruins-Lich

Temporary Secretary



Facebook & PRO


Keith Knorr

Walks & Talks


Dot Knorr



Geoff Sander

Special Projects


Thea Sander


Marilyn Dowie

Errol Potgieter

Special Projects & Entertainment


Special Projects





Alf Felgate

Jeanette Newey

Mel Fennell
























1.    Welcome:       

 The Chairman welcomed all present and opened the meeting with a prayer


2.    Apologies. 

3.    Minutes of the previous meeting held on 24th January 2017.

3.1    Amendments to the minutes of 24th November 2017

3.2    Acceptance of the minutes held on 24th January 2017 : Proposed: Marilyn Dowie and Geoff Sander

3.3    Matters arising out of Minutes of 24th January 2017

          Sanet Bruins-Lich mentioned that the letter to Sharon MacDonald for a donation wa sent on the 8th January 2017


4.    Finance.

       4.1    Marilyn Dowie mentioned that her books were up to date.

       4.2    Mrs Dot Knorr mentioned that Conservancy had 34 renewals after a letter was sent out

                to lapsed members.


5.    Membership.

       Mrs Dot Knorr mentioned that Conservancy had 34 renewals after a letter was sent out to Members whose membership                  lapsed.


6.    Alien Plants.

       A team will visit Gruispan on Monday 27th February 2017 to help with alien plants.


7.    Gruispan.

       Stuart Long organised a team to help with the removal of Parthinium.   Alf Felgate and Jeanette Newey mentioned that the              bulrushes have taken over Gruispan.  Keith Knorr explained that as the water gets higher some of the bulrushes will uproot            themselves and then float on top of the water.


8.    Two Trees Parking Area.

        Geoff Sander mentioned that 5 more trees needs to be covered with wire, then 2 Trees re-vamp will be finished.  Stuart Long         thanked Geoff Sander and Derrick Bruins-Lich for their hard work at 2 Trees. 


9.    Grass Seed.

        It was noted that the grass seed sales are standing still at the moment.  It was noted that the grass seed sold didn’t all                       sprout.   Most probably a bigger variety would then have grown.


10.   Report back on Nature walks

        Conservancy nature walk on the 18th February was well attended and was very interesting with all the grass growing in                   Henk van Rooyen Park.   A Few species were identified which were not planted but came up naturally.  The bird life has                 noticeable increased and the dam at the bottom had filled up considerably.


 11.  General.

        11.1      Report back from Forum Meeting.

                     The Chairperson discussed the matter of not letting the public know what is happening

                     At these meetings and the Forum Chairperson mentioned that it is not a secret and will be published. The Chair of the                      Sectors apparently has a problem with MPPOA and Marlothii Conservancy whereby she accuses these organisations                      as Naming and Shaming her. MPPOA published an apology and Conservancy is busy investigating any such                                    accusation.


         11.2    Tree Tags

                     The team will complete the list on Thursday 23 February 2017 and then order the name tags.


         11.3      Facebook & Webpage.

                      Sanet Bruins-Lich congratulated Thea Sander for her will power to master the Webpage.    Thea managed to load                             various items on our Webpage.  A tribute to Mrs. Devere Farguharson was added on Marlothii Conservancy                                       webpage.   Thea Sander will upload articles as time goes on.   Our webpage can be found at



         11.4     The Chairman mentioned that the signs are there that Croc pan is a lifeless pan. Stuart Long will monitor the dam for                       a few months. The board at Gruispan will be updated by adding the name of the Company who donated the



 A huge thank you to Thea Sander and Keith Knorr for identifying different grasses at Henk van Rooyen Park on the Marlothii Conservancy Saturday Bird walk and talk.


     The next meeting will take place on 21st March at 09H00 at Henk van Rooyen.

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