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Annual General Meetings

Marlothii Conservancy

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 26th April2016

in the Boardroomat Henk van Rooyen Park, Marloth Park.


   Present:Mr. D Bruins-Lich                              Chairman

                   Mrs. D Farquharson                          Vice - Chairlady                 

                   Mrs. S Spratt                                       Secretary

                   Mrs. D Knorr                                       Committee Member

                   Mr. K Knorr                                          Committee Member

                   Mr. E Potgieter                                    Committee Member

                   Mrs. S Bruins-Lich                              Committee Member

                   Mrs. M Dowie                                      Property Owner

                   Mr. N Spratt                                          Property Owner

                   Mrs. G Retief                                        Property Owner

                   Mrs. J Newey                                       Property Owner                 

                   Mrs. P Mayson                                     Property Owner

                   Mrs. D van Rensburg                         Property Owner

                   Mr. J van Rensburg                            Property Owner

                   Mrs. J Gordon                                      Property Owner

                   Mrs. T Sander                                      Property Owner

                   Mr. G Sander                                        Property Owner

                   Mrs. U Powell                                       Property Owner

                   Mr. E Powell                                          Property Owner

      Mrs. E Norton                                     Property Owner


Apologies: Mr. S Long                                           Committee Member

                     Dr. A Hudson                                       Committee Member

                     Mrs. J Martin                                        Treasurer

                     Mrs. P Volkmer                                    Property Owner

                     Mr. and Mrs. Robertson                     Property Owners

                     Mr. and Mrs. Proudfoot                      Property Owners


The Chairman welcomed all the members in attendance and opened the meeting with a prayer at 10:02.


1. Acceptance of the minutes of the meeting held on 14h April2015.

Mrs. Bruins-Lich proposed that the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 14h April2015,be accepted as a true reflection of the proceedings with no amendments.

Mrs. Farquharson seconded the proposal.


2. Chairman’s Report.

The Chairman tabled his report for the year 2015/2016. 

The Secretary read the report to the meeting.

The members accepted the Chairman’s report.


3. Annual Financial Statements.

The Chairman informed the members that Mr. Peter H. Hocknell B. Acc., C.A.(S.A.), AInstIB.

had once again compiled the Audit Report and Annual Financial Statements for the Conservancy.


The Chairman stated that the amount owing to Mr. Hocknell for his services amounts to R1750. 00 andrequested that the Committee approve the payment of this amount to Mr. Hocknell.

The Committee unanimously approved the payment.

Mrs. Knorr will pay Mr. Hocknell with funds from the Petty Cash in her possession.


The Chairman tabled the Audit Report and Annual Financial Statements for the financial year;

1 March 2015 - 29 February 2016 and stressed that it is an unqualified report.

The Committee unanimously accepted the audit report without dissension and Committee Members present signed the report.


The members were informed by the Chairman that should they wish to study the Audit Report and Annual Financial Statements further, they can request that a copy to be sent to them via email from Mrs. Bruins-Lich.



4. Election of Office Bearers.

The Chairman informed the members that a secret vote would be carried out to elect the new committee. Following a request from Mr. Bruins-Lich, Messrs van Rensburg and Norton agreed to count the ballots after the vote was completed. Voting ballot papers were distributed to the members by Messrs Bruins-Lich and Potgieter.


The Chairman confirmed that Dr Hudson, Mrs. Spratt, Mrs. Farquharson and Mr. Spratt are not willing to be up for re-election this year and asked if there were any other willing nominees present, but not listed on the ballot papers.


The Chairman stated that members can vote for as many or as few persons as they wished, however he explained that there were two nominees contesting for the position of Treasurer and members must therefore vote for only one of the two nominees.


The Chairman stated that members will already be familiar with the nominees from the current Committee and invited the new nominees to introduce themselves to the members and inform them of their experience and qualifications.


The new nominees took to the floor and informed the members of their expertise as follows:


Mrs. Uschi Powell stated that she has been resident in Marloth for two years, is very interested in joining the Committee and has experience in doing Administrative work.


Mr. Evan Powell stated that he is an Accountant by trade, but has many years experience in various Information Technology (IT) related positions as well as Management.


Mrs. Thea Sander stated that she has been resident in Marloth since late August 2015 and has a background in Administration.


Mr. Geoff Sander stated that he has spent all his working years in the Safety, Health and Environmental Protection services in the Mining industry.


Mrs. Marilyn Dowie stated that she is a bookkeeper by profession, and has lived in Marloth for the last three and a half years with her husband Malcolm.


Mrs. Bruins-Lich confirmed that despite Mrs. Sander’s Administrative expertise, she is unwilling to contest for the Secretarial post as she does not wish to compile the Minutes from the meetings.


The Chairman thanked the new nominees and voting commenced.


Ballot papers were collected and Messrs van Rensburg and Norton excused themselves from proceedings to tally the results.

Messrs van Rensburg and Norton returned the meeting a short while later. Mr. Norton congratulated all the nominees and stated that all 10 nominees for the uncontested various positions had been voted for unanimously and confirmed that despite 1 non-vote more than 70 percent of the votes were in favour of Mrs. Dowie for the contested position of Treasurer.


At a closed Committee meeting held directly after the AGM, The Committee Members for the year 2016/2017 were elected to the following positions:


Mr. Derrick Bruins-Lich


Mr. Stuart Long                                     

Vice-Chairman (Alien plants, carpentry work and Gruispan)

Mrs. Marilyn Dowie                                


Mrs. Uschi Powell                                


Mr. Evan Powell                                                                   

Committee Member (Website)

Mr. Keith Knorr                                   

Committee Member (Educational courses)

Mrs. Dot Knorr                                 

Committee Member (Membership and petty cash)

Mr. Errol Potgieter                              

Committee Member (Entertainment manager, alien plants & Gruispan)

Mrs. Sanet Bruins-Lich                        

Committee Member (PRO and Facebook)

Mr. Geoff Sander                                

Committee Member (Various projects)

Mrs. Thea Sander                                  

Committee Member (Various projects)



5. Frequency of General Meetings.

It was agreed that general meetings will continue to be held on the Tuesday BEFORE the last Saturday of the month. (Should there be five Tuesdays in the Month, but only four Saturdays the meeting will fall on the fourth Tuesday of the month).


The following dates are therefore tentatively proclaimed:













































April - AGM













6. Handover.

The Secretary handed the Conservancy Laptop and Vodacom Contract Modem over to Mr. Knorr, for him to conduct a backup of all the information collected/compiled over the past elevenmonths. Mr. Knorr will then arrange to hand the laptop over to the Secretary designate, Mrs. Powell.


The Secretary handed the following over to the Secretary designate, Mrs. Powell with Mrs. Bruins-Lich present as a witness:


1.  Minute book – April 2014 to December 2015.

2.  New Minute book – January 2016 to present.

3.  One complete copy (pages 1-17) of the Audit Report 2015/2016 signed by the Committee.

4.  Glue sticks paid for by the Conservancy.

5.  A book on Indigenous Trees (paid for by the Conservancy & ordered in 2015 to be a prize for Mr.

     Spratt’s guest speaker events).

6.  A white T-shirt embroidered with The Conservancy logo (paid for by the Conservancy & ordered in

     2015 to be a prize for Mr. Spratt’s guest speaker events).



The Chairman informed the members that after the meeting he is going to go and present Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald of the Marlothii Trading Post with a Certificate from the Conservancy to thank them for all their assistance over the past year and tabled the framed Certificate.


On behalf of the Committee, Mrs. Knorr thanked Mrs. Spratt for her work done over the past year as Secretary and presented Mrs. Spratt with a bunch of flowers.

Mrs. Knorr also thanked the Chairman for his services and hard work over the past year.


There being no further items to consider the Chairman thanked the members for attending and closed the meeting at 10:42.


The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 24h May2016 at 9:00.

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