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Marlothii Conservancy

Minutes of the Meeting held at 09.00 on Tuesday, 24th  JANUARY 2017, in the Boardroom at Henk van Rooyen Park, Marloth Park


Derrick. Bruins-Lich

Stuart Long


Vice Chairman


Sanet Bruins-Lich

Temporary Secretary



Facebook & PRO


Keith Knorr

Walks & Talks


Dot Knorr



Geoff Sander

Special Projects


Thea Sander


Marilyn Dowie

Errol Potgieter

Special Projects & Entertainment







Nolan Spratt

Sarah Spratt

Llewellyn Burger

Phillip v.d. Merwe

Duifie v.d.Merwe

Alf Felgate

Jeanette Newey

Pieter Jacobs

Dawie Fourie

Paula Volkmer
































1.    Welcome:

 The Chairman welcomed all present and opened the meeting with a prayer.


2.    Apologies.


3.    Minutes of the previous meeting held on 22nd November 2016.

        3.1      Amendments to the minutes of 22nd November 2016. - None

       3.2      Acceptance of the minutes: Proposed: Thea Sander and accepted G.Sander

       3.3     Matters arising out of Minutes of 22nd November 2016.

4.    Finance.

       4.1    Financial Statements.

       4.2    Mrs Dowie complimented Mrs Dot Knorr with the work she is doing on the                                  financials.


5.    Membership.

Dot Knorr noted that 5 new Memberships and 2 renewals were handled at the 17th December 2017 Marlothii Shopping Centre Fair.

A special thank you to Darwin & Sharon MacDonald was mentioned for the R900-0 donation received by Marlothii Conservancy.


6.    Alien Plants.

Parthinium is growing lavishly all over Marloth Park with the good rains we are having. Keith Knorr mentioned that when the soil surface is unnecessarily disturbed, it increases the chance of weed infestations.  Honorary Rangers and Working for Water teams are busy trying to control this weed.


7.  Gruispan.

A question on Facebook prompted a discussion on Gruispan.  A suggestion from Alf Felgate and Jeanette Newey were that some bulrushes be taken out.    Keith Knorr mentioned that Gruispan should now be classified as a Wetland as there is a lot of bird as well as frog and insect life in the pan.   Conservancy will endeavour to see what can be done at the other dam known as Croc dam.  There is no visual life in that dam.


8.      Grass Seed Sales.

A new batch of grass seed was brought down to Marloth Park by Denzil Dowie.  Dot Knorr mentioned that Derrick and Sanet sold grass seed to the value of R8640-00 over a 10 month period last year.


10.    Report back on Nature walks

Conservancy had a Nature walk on the 10th December 2015 especially for holiday makers. It was attended by 10 people.   The nature walk on 21st January 2017 was not well attended.


11.   General.

        11.1   Tree Tags

                  The team will complete the list and then order the name tags.


       11.2     Business Cards.

                   They are completed.


       11.3     Facebook & Webpage.

                    Sanet mentioned that there wasn’t a great movement on Facebook during the                           holidays.   Sanet further congratulated Thea Sander for her will power to master                       the Webpage. Thea managed to load all of last year’s minutes.  She will start                             loading more articles soon.


       11.4.    Mrs Dowie enquired whether we still had monies banked with Alzu for                                         Pellets.The Chair confirmed that it is so, but since the rains the people in Marloth                     Park are finding that the animals are not eating the pellets anymore. Pellets will                       only be supplied if and when the veld conditions deteriorate and feeding                                    becomes necessary again.


       11.5      Feeding of Animals.

                     Mrs Dowie enquired whether people are still feeding the animals. The answer                          was that the animals are not interested in pellets at the moment.


       11.6      Sanet mentioned that the Conservancy A.G.M.  will take place on 25th April                                2017.


       11.7      Two Trees.

                     Conservancy is busy upgrading Two Trees.


       The next meeting will take place on 21st February 2017 at 09H00 at Henk van Rooyen.

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