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Marlothii Conservancy

Minutes of the Meeting held at 09.00 on Tuesday, 26 July 2016, in the Boardroom at Henk van Rooyen Park, Marloth Park


Derrick. Bruins-Lich

Stuart Long


Vice Chairman


Sanet Bruins-Lich

Temporary Secretary



Facebook & PRO


Keith Knorr

Walks & Talks


Dot Knorr



Geoff Sander

Special Projects


Thea Sander

Marlin Dowie

Errol Potgieter

Special Projects


Mrs J. Newey

Linda Benade

Nolan Spratt

Sarah Spratt

Alf Felgate






1.   Welcome:

The Chairman welcomed everyone present and opened the meeting with a prayer.


2.   Apologies


3.    Minutes of the previous meeting held on 28th June 2016.

3.1 Amendments to the minutes: Point 8 – Sickle Bush Thinning. Mr. Melville to read

      Mel Fennell

 3.2 Acceptance of the minutes: Proposed: Keith Knorr and Seconded by

 Thea Sander.

 3.3 Matters arising out of Minutes of 28th June 2016:


4.    Finance.

4.1   Tabled financials for the year.

4.2   New Signatories plus EFT authorising meeting with bank.

       Mrs Bruins-Lich noted that the bank requests letters from Mr. A. Felgate and

 Mrs. D. Farguharson stating that they are no longer on the Committee. Mrs. D.

      Knorr, Mr. Long and Mrs. Bruins-Lich to make an appointment with the bank to

 arrange EFT payments as well as signatory authorisation.


 5.        Membership.

            Dot Knorr noted that Conservancy signed up 7 new members in at the H.R. fair and

2 renewals as well as 2 new members brought in by Derrick.  We have 125 members of which 22 were not paid up.

            Dot suggested reminders be sent to the 22 members advising them that their membership

is due.


6.         Alien Plants.

            The Mbombela Invasives species forum Mbombela were (should be “are”) having a talk

            on the 23th August

            2016 in Nelspruit.  Derrick Bruins-Lich, Stuart Long, Keith Knorr and Linda Benade

will attend.


7.         Gruispan.

            7.1   Drilling Borehole

        Derrick Bruins-Lich explained that Donald MacLellan who drilled the borehole for

        free for Conservancy was thanked and we were waiting for a quotation from

        Donald for installing a pump and cables.   The Chairperson explained that there

        should be approximately 15 000 litres of water per hour at a depth of

                    81 metres. 


                    Mrs Dowie enquired about the green plant floating in the water in Gruispan.  It was

explained that it is giving hiding place for the small fishes and insects as well as         adding oxygen to the water.


7.2   A thank you letter was sent to Mr Basson, supplier of the sweet potatoes as well as a

        R500-00 complimentary ticket at a Restaurant in Komatipoort.  R10-00 was also

        collected from people who collected sweet potatoes for a gift for Mr Basson.


7.3    Donation from Caring Daisies.

Derrick Bruins-Lich suggested that the pellets donated by Caring Daisies be given to        Conservancy members.  He also suggested that a R100-00 donation be requested for the pellets to help keep the feeding going for as long as possible.  He mentioned that the money will eventual dry up, but at least we will be able to get a few more bags.  Dot Knorr enquired whether Derrick will discuss this matter with Caring Daisies to get their permission when he went up to Pretoria a week after the meeting.


Dot Knorr requested that who-ever collect pellets to get an invoice from Alzu so that she could keep record on how much was taken and left over.


8.         Sickle Bush Thinning.

Nothing to report


9.         Grass Seed Sales.

`           Dot Knorr noted that 20 bags of grass seed was sold during June.


10.       Report back on Nature walk – 18th June 2016.

            17 people attended this walk.   With a breakfast afterwards at Jabula Lodge.

The next walk will take place on 20th August at 6 o’clock as we go back into summer time.


11.        General.

11.1  Report back on Forum Meeting –  5th July 2016.

         The Forum is looking into the possibility of removing all the baboon cages from

         Marloth Park properties, which will entail all property owners dropping their

         household refuse to the dump themselves.

                     Honorary Rangers to investigate building sites to conform to regulations after

                     completion of buildings.  Hon. Rangers to investigate palisade fencing on properties.


           11.2   Game Culling.

  Further 150 Impala needed to be culled.   They will resume with the culling after

  school holidays.   The Municipality wanted to capture animals in Marloth Park and

                     relocate to Lionspruit for hunting.  The Forum objected to this procedure of culling.

                     Derrick Bruins-Lich mentioned that the veld is worse in Lionspruit than in Marloth



           11.3  Rhinos in Lionspruit.

                     At the time of this meeting one of the Rhinos didn’t look to bad but one was not

                     looking to good at all. 


           11.4  Tree Tags.

                     Stuart Long will come back to the meeting with the relevant information regarding

                     the different types and then a decision will be taken on which tree tags to purchase.


           11.5  Web Site and Facebook

Sanet Bruins-Lich said nothing has been done about the Web Site.

Sanet further  mentioned that Thea Sander is now admin on facebook as well. 

Various articles are placed on facebook such as the drilling of the new Borehole, the donation of the pellets and other articles of interest.   It was noted that some of the other organisations don’t care to place any of the notices they send out on the Conservancy facebook.


The Chairperson once again mentioned and asked for any interested ladies or gentlemen to come forward as Conservancy need a Secretary.


           11.6 Honorary Rangers Fair.

                     Dot Knorr said that generally Conservancy had a very good day.  Not necessarily

                     Signing up new members, but items like the donation box, the books donated by Alf

                     and Charlotte Felgate.   Selling of posters did well.  Dot also mentioned that all had

                     a very pleasant day.  Sanet mentioned that various people noted that Conservancy

                     had a extremely good and well organised stand.   Thea Sander was also thanked for

                     the banners she made.  People were also made aware of what Conservancy is all

                     about.  The Chairman also thanked all who helped at the Fair for their help.



With no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 10h15.

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