Saturday March 24, 2018

Grasses in Henk van Rooyen Park

Please note that the following grass species are all located within the Henk van Rooyen Park area. These grasses have all been identified during the weekly Saturday morning bird and nature walks and no doubt there are still more species to be found. If you would like to know more on grasses (and other aspects of the bush) you are most welcome to join us on the Saturday morning walks.

Obviously there are many other species of grass not on this list which are found within the Marloth Park and Lionspruit area.

Scientific Name Common Name

 Aristida adscensions

 Aristida congesta

Aristida congestaspp barbicollis

Aristida scabrivalvis 

Brachiaria deflexa

Chloris virgata

Cynodon dactylon

Digitaria eriantha

Eragrostis curvula

Eragrostis racemosa

Eragrostis superba

Eustachys paspaloides

Heteropogon contortus

Panicum deustum

Panicum maximum

Perotis patens

Pogonarthria squarrosa

Setaria incrassata  

Sporobolus fimbriatus

Tragus berteronianus  

Urochloa mosambicensis 

Annual Three-awn

Tassel Three-awn  

Spreading Three-awn

Purple Three-awn  

False Signal Grass  

Feather-top Chloris  

Couch Grass 

Common Finger Grass

Weeping Love Grass  

Narrow Heart Love grass 

 Saw-tooth Love Grass

Brown Rhodes Grass   

Spear Grass   

Broad-leaved Panicum

Guinea Grass

Cat’s Tail   

Herringbone Grass  

Vlei Bristle Grass 

Dropseed Grass 

Carrot-seed Grass 

Bushveld Signal Grass  




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