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Bird list Management

The Birding Section allows the storage and reporting of bird sightings.

There are five sub-menus to this section:

  • Sightings lists: taking you to the main display page where you can view and export many configurations of teh sightings 
  • Marloth Park Offical Bird List: The Offical Honorary rangers/Marlothii Conservancy list
  • BLSA Bird List: the reference list for all the possible sightings in South Africa
  • Add new sighting: where you can add sightings to the list of your choice (administrators only)
  • Copy a sightings list (administrators only)
  • Delete a sightings list (administrators only)
  • Reports
  • Help: this page!

Each bird sighting is stored in the database as follows:

Example  sighting:

List Name Bird name When observed Where observed Seen  Heard Breeding Status Entered by Comment Bird List name
Andrew's List Bulbul, dark-capped 2013/11/10 Marloth Park - yes Breeding Male John Smith Male Bird Walk 1013/11/10


Records may be entered one-at-a-time using the menu Birding->Add sighting(s) or by copying a previous list (see below)

Sightings may be displayed using the menu Birding->Sighting Lists

 If you are logged in as an administrative user you have the opportunity to edit, add and delete records and to copy, delete or start new lists

The Sightings Lists screen will display  a list of sightings

  • of one chosen bird
  • all birds observed on a selected date
  • all birds ever seen in alphaberical order
  • all birds ever seen in date order
  • all birds on one sighting list

Each sighting also references Sasol and Roberts books, Afrikaans names and breeding status.

Each sighting bears a 'List Name' so that sets of sightings relatingto a particular occasion, person or date can easily be accessed.

Buttons above the displayed list provide for

  • Csv, Excel: download the currently displayed list as a pdf, csv or Excel file
  • Add, Delete or edit sighting(s) to/in this list: adding a new sighting to the currently displayed list 

Adding a sighting

Although there are limited facilities to add new sightings on the 'Sightings lists' display, it is recommended to use the Main Menu item 'Birding->Add Sightings'. This is more convenient and allows for selecting birds by Current Name, Afrikaans Name or Previous Name, and for defining new lists and locations.

  • Pick a Bird List: Select an exisitng bird list or enter a name to start a new one
  • Pick a bird: from either the current name drop-downt or the previous name drop-down. Both these offer every bird in the Bird List South Africa (BLSA).
  • Pick location: Select where the bird was seen from the 'pick an existing location' drop-down or enter the name of a new location.
  • Pick the date: Click the calendar icon to pick the date of the sighting. The default date is today. if that's ok, no need to change it.
  • Tick the 'seen' and 'heard' checkboxes as appropriate: they are both ticked by default
  • Click the Submit sighting button

The sighting will be entered into the database and you can then proceed to enter another one or go back to the sightings listing. 

Starting a new list

New lists may be started from scratch as described above or by copying an existing list (Menu->Birding->Copy list) and then adding or subtracting individual sightings.

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