Saturday March 24, 2018

The Marlothii Conservancy

The Marlothii Conservancy is registered with the Mpumalanga Parks Board as an Urban Conservancy and was the first in Mpumalanga to do so. It aims to generate interest and active participation by registered land owners, accredited residents and the business community in the conservation of indigenous and endemic fauna and flora and the protection of the environment in the area based on scientific principles of nature conservation and sustainable utilization of the area's natural resources. The Conservancy exists in partnership with the Marloth Park Honorary Rangers and the Marloth Park Property Owners Association. You can see our registration certificate by clicking here and read a brief historical note by clicking here.

Chairman’s Report – October 2014


On animal capture/harvesting our aim is to preserve the ecology and wildlife in Marloth Park and Lionspruit and we are opposed to hunting in Marloth Park and Lionspruit. Removal of Impala and Warthog should be our priority. Several Mature Kudu have died and at least one Giraffe has been killed.

A superb photo of a Leopard feeding on a dead Giraffe in Lionspruit

was taken probably by a camera trap.

Gruispan team: Stuart Long and Errol Potgieter are spearheading activities on a Monday mornings – Spraying and removing Parthimemum in rosette stage, Tree Planting and watering.

We took part in the O.M.G. – One More Generation – Rhino Walk 4th October 2014.


Police Firearm Losses 5237


Rhino Poaching still at a high level – 790

06th October – 6 Arrested – KNP

19th October – 2 Arrested, 1 killed. Mozambican all wearing KNP Uniforms – 1 Rifle recovered.

20th October – 1 Mozambican appeared in Mbombela court (A very barbaric video screened) case postponed to 21st February 2015

20th October – 5 Poachers appeared for killing the Rhino called “Sabi” in “Care for Wild Africa “ Boma postponed for further investigation.

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